Steven SUN 孫志峰

What ideas do you have to improve the quality of life for seniors in Markham and York Region?

Create intergenerational programs by bridging youth in educational programs to connect older people with younger people to help foster better connections. Youth can also partner with the schools to provide digital programs in technology training to improve their digital literacy.

Create a seniors network to share information in the community about programming, services, and resources available. This can include a chat forum so seniors can build friendships and socials so they are not isolated.

Create informal care networks where volunteers can take turns helping older people with tasks, for example driving to get groceries, going to doctor appointments.

Establish a hotline for older people to be able to chat with a person, so they are not struggling in loneliness or if they need some resources but don’t know where to go.

Establish a driving program where older seniors can be driven to and from medical appointments and recreational programs.

How will you bring an urgency to act on senior-related matters in Markham and York Region?

As a philanthropist, my family and I have been supporting and contributing to various organizations that support our diverse communities over the past two decades including local communities, senior residences, senior community foundations, as well as eight hospitals across Ontario. I am currently the chair of CCRPA Yee Hong Hero Fundraising which aims to raise $1,000,000.00 for the Yee Hong Senior Community.


Advocating for seniors and seniors-related matters remains a top priority for me. I will move to secure a Council resolution to actively support, promote and engage with all levels of government to work towards the recommendations made by CFAFM. Since these decisions affect older people, I will include the active engagement of older adults in all decision-making. I will also work with my colleagues in Council to push all senior-related issues as a priority in the City of Markham to ensure actions take place immediately knowing that the aging community is increasing fast.

Our 19 Recommendations for an Age-Friendly Markham:


CFAFM has presented 19 recommendations for community-oriented, locally focused ideas that can be carried out by the City (see attached presentation titled “19 Recommendations for an Age-Friendly Community).  While there has been some progress on the affordable housing matter in Markham, the gaps and needs are growing rather than shrinking.